CW Nursing Artillery 14th S.C. Co. Roster Prairie Star  
  Company K, 14th Regiment

South Carolina Volunteer Infantry

Edgefield County

"Meeting Street Saludas"
a.k.a. The "OUZTS-TIMMERMAN" Company

Captain ------------ D.C. Tomkins
-------------------- James H. Allen
-------------------- Will Scot Allen

1st Lieutenant ----- Orasmus W. Allen

2nd Lieutenant ----- William L. Stevens
-------------------- Brentley B. Bryan

3rd Lieutenant ----- James H. Allen
-------------------- Simeon Cogburn

1st Sergeant ------- John A. Landrum

2nd Sergeant ------- B.B. Bryan

3rd Sergeant ------- James R. Hill

4th Sergeant ------- Edwin L. Strother

5th Sergeant ------- Edward R. Mobley

6th Sergeant ------- J.R. Hill

Corporals ---------- Robert G. Johnson
-------------------- Felix L. Harling
-------------------- Elbert M. Ouzts
-------------------- J. Cyrus Buzhardt
-------------------- R.S. Tombs
-------------------- Noah J. Wertz

Adams, Ansel B. - Killed at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Adams, William H.W. - Wounded in one of the battles around Richmond
Adams, William J.
Adkins, Alexander - At the surrender at Appomattox.
Adkins, Henry R. - Wounded at Fredericksburg. He was at the surrender at Appomattox.
Adkins, Oliver - Eye shot out at Gaines Mill, discharged.
Allen, Will Scott
Amaker, Abasalom B. - Wounded and disabled in battle, discharged in 1863.
Amaker, Ransom D. - Wounded four times, disabled.
Berry, John P.
Berry, Jesse J. - Died of measles in Richmond, 1862.
Bledsoe, Lewis - Discharged on account of age.
Bledsoe, Vinson B. - Died of disease in a Richmond hospital, 1862.
Bledsoe, William - At the surrender at Appomattox.
Bryan, Goodwin B. - Killed at Gaines mill, June 27, 1862.
Busby, Benjamin
Butler, David P. - Wounded and disabled at Gaines Mill, 1862. discharged.
Butler, G.J.
Buzhardt, Abner M. - Captured, died in prison.
Buzhardt, James W.
Champion, J.W.
Cogburn, John H. - Died of measles in Richmond, 1862.
Coleman, J.M.
Dean, A. Bryan - Discharged at Columbia, SC due to poor health.
Dean, Benedict
Dean, Charles - Wounded at Richmond and discharged.
Dobey, John L. - Killed at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Dugen, William - Wounded at 2nd Manassas.
Durst, William - Wounded at Sharpsburg
Edwards, Joseph H. - Detailed on pioneer corps, 1862.
Edwards, Joshua W.
Faulkner, Gibson P. - Wounded at Richmond and Wilderness, Va.
Faulkner, John - Wounded in Seven Days battles.
Faulkner, Thomas - Wounded at Sharpsburg, Md.
Free, George W. - Killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.
Free, Lewis M. - Detailed on pioneer corps, 1862.
Gardner, J.M.
Glazier, Whitfield
Goleman, John M. - Killed at Gaines Mill.
Goleman, Noah J. - Wounded at 2nd Manassas.
Graddick, Whitfield D.
Graham, Jesse - Killed at Gaines Mill.
Graham, W.J.
Green, Henry F. - Musician in the 14th SC regiment band.
Green, Jonathan A. - Wounded at Gaines Mill, transferred to cavalry in 1862.
Hall, Milledge
Harling, James - Died of disease, Richmond.
Harling, Joseph
Harling, Lemuel - Wounded, Captured, Exchanged. Promoted to Corporal in 1864.
Harling, Rufus - Wounded 5 times. Captured. Paroled from Point lookout, June 26, 1865.
Harris, William
Harvey, Thomas B. - Wounded near Petersburg, Died of wounds in Danville, Va. 1864.
Harvley, Whitfield - At the surrender at Appomattox.
Head, Philemon B.
Hearn, N. Mahlon - Killed at 2nd Manassas.
Hill, Benjamin R. - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Horn, Cornelius - Wounded at Frasiers Farm.
Horn, Mrs. Lucinda - NURSE - served faithfully as a nurse throughout the war.
Horn, William F.
Johnston, David B.
King, Allen - Killed at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Little, Malachi C. - Killed at Chancellorsville, May 1863.
Lovelace, Lewellyn O. - Musician in the 14th SC regiment band. Wounded in battle.
Maloy, John - From Ireland. Served as substitute for Stephen Tompkins. Deserted.
Martin, Edmund M. - Musician in the 14th SC regiment band.
May, Jesse M. - Killed near Richmond, 1862.
Mayson, Benjamin W.
Mobley, Eldred V. - Wounded at Gaines Mill.
Monce, William H. - Deserted.
Morse, Solomon
Neal, William H. - Died of disease at Winchester, Va. 1862.
Neal, Willis - Died of wounds received in battle, 1862.
Oswald, S.
Ouzts, Andrew Jackson - Killed in battle near Richmond, 1862.
Ouzts, B. Frank
Ouzts, C.N.
Ouzts, F. Marion
Ouzts, Franklin - Arm shot off, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania Courthouse.
Ouzts, George - Killed at Gettysburg.
Ouzts, J. Henry - b.1832 Wounded at 2nd Manassas. Died December 1862, Richmond.
Ouzts, J. Kelly
Ouzts, J. Lewis - Killed at Wilderness, Va.
Ouzts, James - Wounded at Shepherdstown Ford, 1862. Killed at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863.
Ouzts, James Walton - b.11Feb1835 d.16Sept1911 buried at Dove's Creek Baptist Church, Elberton, Georgia.
Wounded at 2nd Manassas. See Wartime photo!
Ouzts, John - Recruit, 1862.
Ouzts, John W.
Ouzts, Marion - Captured. Took oath of allegiance to U.S., 1862.
Ouzts, Martin
Ouzts, William H.
Parkman, Jesse - Killed in battle near Richmond, 1862.
Pollattie, J.S.
Quattlebaum, Harmon D.
Rice, Larkin - Wounded in battle of Noel Station, Va.
Rice, Wilkinson - Killed at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Riley, James - Recruit in 1862.
Rodgers, Martin - Wounded at Jones Farm, Va. 1864.
Rowe, A.Jack
Russell, John L.
Sheppard, John
Steedham, Thomas L. - Died of disease in a Richmond hospital.
Stevens, J. Asa
Stevens, Lafayette - Wounded at Harper's Ferry, 1862.
Stevens, M. Wesley - Killed at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Strother, Benjamin N. - Wounded at Frasiers Farm. Orderly for Colonel of the regiment.
Taylor, George - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Taylor, James - Wounded at 2nd Manassas and Gettysburg.
Thompson, John
Timmerman, A. Jack - Wounded several times.
Timmerman, Benjamin M. - Died of disease in a hospital at Winchester, Va.
Timmerman, Buford W.
Timmerman, Edward - Wounded at Ox Hill and Sharpsburg.
Timmerman, Felix - killed in battle near Culpepper Courthouse, 1863.
Timmerman, Goody M. - Wounded at 2nd Manassas and Gettysburg.
Timmerman, Joseph I.
Timmerman, John L. - Killed in battle near Richmond, Va. 1862.
Timmerman, Ransom W.
Timmerman, Talbert H.
Timmerman, William E.
Tompkins, Jonathan
Tumblin, B.M.
Turner, George
Werts, A. Calvin
Wooten, Milledge W.- Killed in battle at Wilderness, Va., 1864.
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