Co. D, 1st Battlion, 87 Mtn Infantry Regiment

Resistance/Partisan Auxiliary


10th MTN Division of Illinois is a WWII Living History Re-enactment Unit that participates in several WWII reenactments annually.  This website displays information pertaining to our Civilian and Resistance Auxiliary members of 10th MTN Living History Unit.

The occupation of Western Europe by the Wehrmacht triggered resistance movements in all the countries affected. Our Resistance and Civilian auxiliary of the 10th Mountain reenacting unit remembers the brave members of the Allied civilians and resistance movements through living history programs and reenactments.  Men, women and children were often involved in the various partisan movements across Europe from France, Italy and Norway to Poland and Greece. Email us for more information on booking us for an event or joining our cause.


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Germans Capture our spy at the Anzio Express
WWII Event at IRM October 2009.

Our 2012 Schedule...

June 8-10  Hosting Unit for
Rails To Victory, Fox River Trolley Museum

September 8  / Lockport WW2 Event
September 22-23 / RDF Midway Village

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Resistance setting explosives at the Anzio Express
WWII Event at IRM October 2009.

Italian Partisans Patrol the Streets
of Milan in 1945.


- Les Civil de Lille
French Resistance History
Maquis de l'As de Coeur
Ici Londres(London Radio)
- La Resistance en France
French Semi Auto Pistols

- Italian Resistance
- Italian Partisans



- Charlotte Gray
- Is Paris Burning?
Black Book


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- German 353.Inf.Div
- US 9th ID
- Historical War Wheels

Join us for the 2nd Annual "Rails to Victory" WW2 Event, hosted by the Fox River Trolley Museum on the beautiful Fox River in Northern Illinois  the weekend of June 9 and 10th, 2012.

Our Resistance Contingency will directing the "Occupied France Trolley Skits" similar to the "Tour of Italy" trolley tours we created and directed for the Anzio Express event for the past three years.

For more information on this event, please visit the event web site at: www.railstovictory com .

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