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2010 Director / Editor  
Film Short
"Lets Dance", Prairie Star Production & Friendship Village Retirement Community
 Dir- Rebecca Tulloch, Producer-Donna Brown 
(Camera:Panasonic DVX100 24P)
2008/2009 Producer / Director / Editor
Television  Series  "Yesterday Today", Produced by Prairie Star, 2008/2009
 Dir - Rebecca Sutera Tulloch -  
(Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24P)
West Chicago, Illinois Comcast Channel 17
2008 Producer / Director / Editor
"An Evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln", Prairie Star,   IMDB Listed
Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch 
(Camera:Panasonic DVX100 24P)

      Director / Producer / Writer / Director of Photography / Editor
         "This Old Cabin", Produced by Prairie Star, 2007
         Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Short (
Camera:Panasonic DVX100 24P)

      Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor
         "Prairie Tone News Reels", Produced by Prairie Star, 2007
         Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Series of Shorts
         (Camera: Bell & Howell 16mm Motion Picture Camera)

      Director / Producer / Writer / Director of Photography / Editor
         "Prairie Rose", Produced by Prairie Star, 2006    IMDB Listing
         Dir- Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Feature (
Camera:Panasonic DVX100 24P)
         Edgerton Sterling North Book & Film Festival - 2007 Best Feature Award!
         Beloit International Film Festival - 2008 Showcase Selection!

      Camera Operator
         "Love and Valor: The Intimate Civil War Letters", 2006    IMDB Listing

       Director / Director of Photography / Editor
          "The Medic", Produced by Prairie Star, 2004
         Dir - Rebecca Sutera Tulloch - Short (
Camera:Panasonic DVX100 24P)  

Camera Operator
         Rain Today, Produce by Kelly Halihan & Carl Paoli, 2004
         Dir Carl Paoli, D.P. Pete Biagi: DV Short (
Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24p)

2nd Assistant Camera 
          The 5:22, Produced by Sam Sanders & Claire Connely, 2003
         Dir B. Demisay, D.P. P. Biagi; Super 16mm Short
         (AATON XTR PROD, AATON    A-Minima)

Director of Photography / Camera
          The Haunted Barn .5, Produced by Renee Baltsen, 2003
         Dir Renee Baltsen; DV Short (
Camera: Panasonic DVX100)

1st Camera Assistant / 1st Assistant Director
         Who Needs Music, Produced by Floyd Webb, 2003
         Dir Stephanie Gadlin; DV Short (
Camera: Panasonic DVX100)

Additional Production Credits:

    Historical Casting  When Weather Changed History /Episode - Washington's Weather The Weather Channel/Towers Productions, TV Series, 2008-2009
    Script Supervisor Rock the House MTV Networks/VH1 & Immortal Entertainment, TV Series, 2002

Independent Film Script Supervisor
     Beyond the Soul, Goldenwings Cinema, Dir-R. Anchal; D.P.-K. Gruchala; 35 mm Feature, 2002
     Slave, Waitergonbad Productions, 2002Dir N. Olken; D.P.-P. Biagi; DV Feature, 2002
     What Are You Having?, Jonna Walsh/Janie Goldstein, Dir-B. Meyer; 35mm Short, 2002


Rebecca Sutera Tulloch, a native of state of Illinois, grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago.  As a child she studied music, learning to play piano and the trumpet, and in High School she participated in the school theater program.  Rebecca attended Northern Illinois University from 1984 to 1988 where she received a Bachelors degree in History and a Masters degree in Management.  In her years after college, Rebecca spent time pursuing a career in corporate management where she had several opportunities to travel the world visiting and working with diverse cultures and peoples. In 2001, Rebecca decided to follow here dream to become a film maker.  

Rebecca began her film career working on various smaller local independent films gaining experience and confidence as a Script Supervisor, Camera Assistant and Operator.  In 2003, Rebecca began her Video and Film Production Company, Prairie Star Productions, where she gained additional experience as a Director, Cinematographer and Editor filming weddings, corporate marketing programs and other events. Later in 2003, Rebecca began writing the screenplay, "Prairie Rose", a feature narrative story about the American Civil War.  After a year and a half of writing and pre-production planning, Rebecca began principle photography on Prairie Rose in the fall of 2004.  Rebecca spent the next year and a half editing and leading the post production team. The film, "Prairie Rose" was completed in May of 2006 and released on DVD in the Fall of 2006.  In 2007, Rebecca has spent her time on various smaller projects such as "This Old Cabin", "Prairie Tone News Reels", and the Documentary Feature, "An Evening with the Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln".  In 2008, Rebecca has introduced a new cable television travel series, "Yesterday Today", focusing on museums and historical events in the Chicago area currently airing on Cable 17 in West Chicago, Illinois.  She also created the Midwest  Reenactor Casting Data base to help historical re-enactor find work in films and television programming.  In the Fall of 2008, Rebecca worked with the Weather Channel to help cast Historical Actors in their television show, "When Weather Changed History". For 2010, Rebecca has returned to film production with the completion of  "Lets Dance"; a Comedy Film Short about a Dance Instructor who tries to teach retirement community residents how to ball room dance; but must overcome the peculiarities of his group of challenging students. 

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