Invite Rebecca Sutera Tulloch to present one of her entertaining educational historical presentations into your classroom, library or special event.  Rebecca portrays various personalities from the past to bring history to life in a memorable fashion.  Rebecca received her Bachelors Degree in History from Northern Illinois University in 1988.  Growing up on the prairies of Illinois, Rebecca has been a life long history enthusiast.  Rebecca has over 10 years experience presenting historical programs in schools and at local museums.  In addition, Rebecca and her husband Jim spent two Christmas season '02 & '03 in Williamsburg, Virginia as a volunteer period interpreters.  Rebecca and Jim are avid Civil War, American Revolution, and World War II historical Re-enactors; participating in several events through out the Mid-West annually.  Rebecca's programs reflect women's achievements and roles in American History.  Rebecca currently resides in the far west suburbs of Chicago and are ready to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm to your school, library or special event through out the United State and Canada.  All Programs can be booked through Prairie Star Productions.

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